Worried your shoes will slip off? The answer is here

Worried your shoes will slip off? The answer is here

How many times have we heard a bride to be say “I need to feel secure in my shoes, I’ll be dancing all night!”. Oh yes, this sentence echoes weekly. So Charlie Co. Shoes have added a new style to their crystal shoe range, and the Wedding Shop Bridal crystal shoe range. 

Meet the new addition : Tiffany Blue Diamond Bow Heels

Charlie Co. Shoes’s newest addition to the crystal shoe collection shows that style and elegance is once again easily achieved amongst Chief designer Jenna Dwyer. The new shoes glimmer in Tiffany blue Aquamarine crystals with a sparkling clear crystal diamond bow. Designed not only for brides seeking bridal crystal heels, but also ladies of leisure...

Unusual Colours we love! Peridot Green

We just love unusual colours. They stand out, and if you wear them with the right outfit, you can pull off a truly unique look amongst the crowd. One of our favourites, is peridot Green. These Crystal Shoes designed by Charlie Co. Shoes contain large Swarovski peridot green jewels on the front of the shoes...

Charlie Co. take to the stage

Burlesque comedian and singing sensation Ivy Paige has taken to the stage as of last month in her custom made Swarovski Emerald AB Green corset and matching shoes. As if she needed another reason to have people turning heads with her awesome title as it was, Ivy has been sparkling like mad all over the...

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