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Charlie shoes was created in 2009 and officially registered after years of sampling and creating in 2013, by Chief Designer Jared Perez. Inspired by the magic of classic films like Cinderella, where sparkly shoes were the focus, the passion to create real and wearable crystal and sequin shoes took off. The idea behind Charlie shoes is to bring the customers ultimate crystal shoe fantasy to life.

Today the company has a team of professional shoe jewellers, hand crafting each pair to the customers design specifications. Each pair of Charlie shoes, depending on which range you buy, include either a half or full shoe of genuine Swarovski crystals. For every pair sold, it takes the jewellers 5 full working days to complete one pair of shoes, making them highly sought after as a bespoke product.

CCL crystal shoes have been sold worldwide, including America, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Libya, Ireland, Maldives and Russia. Charlie shoes aim to achieve 100% satisfaction with each customer and between the sales team, designer, jewellers and dispatch crew, together will help make your experience easy, and ultimately completely satisfactory. We look forward to making YOUR pair of Charlie shoes! 

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